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About Us

Blockchain-based and with the Random Reward feature at the forefront, Adrenaline is a brand-new global betting platform, P2P store, and your fastest means of payment.

By combining the theory of probability and guaranteed profits with the synergy of staking, masternodes, and Random Reward, Adrenaline makes excitement profitable!

Be you a seasoned gambler or a novice cryptocurrency investor, you will quench your thirst for thrill and guarantee yourself a stable source of passive income. Whether fortune smiles on you or not, Adrenaline will never let you end the game empty-pocketed.

Adrenaline converts your passion to innovations into worthwhile daily profits and good mood!


Take advantage of masternodes, staking, and Random Reward to utilize the power of Adrenaline to the fullest. Be among the first community members to get the most out of Adrenaline as an early investor.


Now it takes no time to send and receive funds! Use LightningSend to complete your transaction within tenths of a second.

Coin Mixing

With Coin Mixing, all transactions are secure and confidential. No one is able to steal your personal data or affect your transactions.

Random Reward

Random Reward is a unique bonus distributed randomly among masternode owners. Сoins issued on a daily basis is a great chance to feel yourself a professional gambler while risking nothing. Read more details in FAQ.

Adrenaline Pay

Adrenaline Pay is a gateway for making and receiving payments for services and goods. Buyers pay in ADN coins, while e-commerce owners can convert ADN coins to any convenient currency!

Adrenaline Bet

Adrenaline Bet is a global betting platform that uses ADN coins as the main currency. With Adrenaline Bet, you can make bet on any event with any currency supported by Andrenaline Pay.

Adrenaline Store

Adrenaline Store is a P2P platform allowing users to buy and sell anything from each other and pay with ADN coins or any other currency supported by Andrenaline Pay.

by the Numbers

Look into the specificities to get the idea of Adrenaline from the technical point of view.

Name: Adrenaline
Ticker: ADN
Type: PoS
Algorithm: BLAKE
Block Time: 25 sec

Min PoS Age: 60 min
Masternode: 10 000 ADN
Random Reward: Floating
P2P Port: 23202
RPC Port: 23203

Blocks Block Reward Masternodes Stakers Random Reward*
2-10368 0,5 0,25 (50%) 0,25 (50%) 10
10369-17280 50 25 (50%) 25 (50%) 100
17281-20736 60 33 (55%) 27 (45%) 200
20737-27648 70 42 (60%) 28 (40%) 300
27649-31104 80 52 (65%) 28 (35%) 400
31105-38016 90 63 (70%) 27 (30%) 500
38017-41472 100 75 (75%) 25 (25%) 600
41473-48384 100 88 (80%) 22 (20%) 700
48385-51840 120 102 (85%) 18 (15%) 800
51841-58752 130 117 (90%) 13 (10%) 900
58753-62208 140 133 (95%) 7 (5%) 1000
62209-65664 100 90 (90%) 10 (10%) 10000
65665-69120 80 68 (85%) 12 (15%) 12500
69121-72576 70 56 (80%) 14 (20%) 15000
72577-76032 60 45 (75%) 15 (25%) 17500
76033-79488 50 35 (70%) 15 (30%) 20000
79489-82944 40 26 (65%) 14 (35%) 22500
82945-86400 30 18 (60%) 12 (40%) 25000
86401-89856 20 11 (55%) 9 (45%) 27500
89857> 10 5 (50%) 5 (50%) 30000

*Daily random MN reward


ADN coins are tradable on the following exchanges

Coming Soon
Coming Soon


Choose the wallet compatible with your OS and start earning right now!


Running a masternode is the shortest way to get a stable source of passive income.
Choose the guide according to the OS of your virtual server and set up your masternode in a simple way!



Below are the key goals that we have already achieved and plan to achieve in the nearest future. By tracking our roadmap you can make sure we always deliver what we promise.


Q2 2018

  • Idea Elaboration
  • Market Analysis
  • Whitepaper & Roadmap Creation
  • Launch Preparations

Q3 2018

  • Project Launch
  • Whitepaper & Roadmap Release
  • Windows, Linux wallets Release
  • Mac OS Wallet Release

Q3 2018

  • Raspberry PI Wallet Release
  • Android Wallet Release
  • IOS app Release
  • Adrenaline Pay Beta
  • Technical Whitepaper V1

Q4 2018

  • Custom Desktop Wallet
  • Release of Random Reward for Stakers
  • Adrenaline Pay Release
  • 1st Betting Partnership
  • Technical Whitepaper V2

Q1 2019

  • Adrenaline Bet
  • Adrenaline P2P Store
  • Further Expansion

Social Activity & Marketing & Promotion

Q3 2018

  • Creating a discord community group
  • Creating a twitter account
  • Onboarding extra MN professionals
  • Infinite Discord Invite Bounty
  • Twitter Bounty

Q3 2018

  • Bitcointalk Bounty
  • Discord Activity Bounty
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Creating YouTube content
  • Creating articles on Medium

Q4 2018

  • Onboarding Representatives from Betting Platforms
  • Advertising on Betting Platforms
  • Close Collaboration with Betting Platforms
  • Promoting the Use of ADN coins for Betting


Q3 2018

  • Listing on
  • Listing on Cryptobridge
  • Listing on Coinexchange
  • Listing on Cryptopia
  • Listing on Trackers:,

Q4 2019

  • Listing on More Masternode Services
  • Listing on top-25 exchanges
  • Further Expansion


Join our communication channels to get timely updates on the latest news and developments and be able to discuss all the burning issues with other participants. We are strong together!

Our Team

Six experienced professionals are working at their best to bring the idea of Adrenaline to life and exceed your expectations.


CEO, founder, key strategist & developer with more than 20 years of experience in IT.

Wishmaster_Eric has successfully launched and directed a few IT businesses. In 2014, he received his first btc and started to research the crypro field. Wishmaster_Eric occupied key positions in several successful crypto-projects before he switched to Adrenaline.


Software Developer, Mobile App Developer, Data Scientist.

Mike74 possesses strong problem-solving skills and deep knowledge in IT, math, and science. Able not only to modify but also create things from scratch. Mike74 is the Adrenaline co-founder and supervisor. He develops, tests, implements, and introduces innovations to the Adrenaline environment.


All-Star Web-Designer with more than 10 years of experience in web-design and 5 years in crypto-design.

Brandon is one of the most experienced team members. Committed to constant learning, Brandon never leave any gaps in his work. He is always on top of the recent trends. Before Brandon joined Adrenaline, he had been working as a freelance web designer for 7 years.


Marketer, Digital Marketer, Brander & Business Developer.

Analytical thinking and creativity make NightOwl a great negotiator and speaker. He knows how to drive sales and increase the awareness of the Adrenaline inside and beyond the cryptoworld.


Chief Community Manager & Marketer, Social Promoter & Integrator, Discord Server Gatekeeper.

Sebastian flawlessly manages the Adrenaline communities. Experienced in driving communities, he quickly processes requests from Adrenaline members. Sebastian applies for listings and do some marketing work.


Community Manager & Marketer, Social Promoter & Integrator, Discord Server Gatekeeper.

Leya is a technically proficient communicator able to keep the integrity of the community at a high level. A good visionary, Leya can predict the future results from the steps that are taken today. Not only a manager but also a strategist, Leya contributes to Adrenaline by processing users’ request, as well as promoting the Adrenaline brand in social media.


Download our Whitepaper to get the detailed information about the project.


What is Adrenaline?

Adrenaline is to combine the excitement of gambling, the advantages of staking (masternodes), and a unique Random Reward feature.Adrenaline is developing Adrenaline Pay, Andrenaline Bet, and Adrenaline P2P store.

What can I use ADN coins for?

You can use ADN for trading, making transactions in the Adrenaline network, staking, and running a masternode. ADN coins can also be used to purchase products in Adrenaline Store, make bets on the Andrenaline Bet platform, and pay for goods and services with Adrenaline Pay.

What is Adrenaline Pay, Adrenaline Bet, and Adrenaline Store?

The details will be released in the Technical Whitepaper V1 (Q3 2018) and Technical Whitepaper V2 (Q4 2018).

Why should I invest in Adrenaline, and is it safe?

The expediency of investment is proved in our Whitepaper in the INVESTMENT POTENTIAL section.
Investing in Adrenaline is safe because we use the most reliable technologies to protect our users against hackers. Never share your personal data with third-parties. We never ask for your personal data.

Is it better to run a masternode or stake coins?

The choice is up to you. The profitability of running a masternode/staking depends on a few factors and is shown in the “Reward distribution between masternode owners and stakers” table.

How can I set up a masternode?

The process of configuring a masternode is described in our guidelines. Choose the guideline according to your VDS operating system and complete it step-by-step to avoid possible errors.

How much will I get after starting up a masternode?

Read the “Masternode Expected Rewards and ROI” section in our Whitepaper to calculate/know more about the expected rewards and ROI.

Where can I buy ADN coins?

ADN coins are already tradable on CryptoBridge, Graviex, and SouthExchange. You can find the information about exchanges on our official website in the "Exchanges" section.

Can the value of ADN become worthless?

Given the chosen PoS system stimulates users to hold their coins, we expect a steady growth in price over time. Meanwhile, it’s advantageous to be an early investor to get more income from your masternodes (the greater the number of masternodes, the less each masternode gets). The value of ADN is predetermined solely by the actions of its holders and is not affected by external factors.

What is Random Reward and how can I benefit from it?

The total daily fund of Random Reward is issued 24 times a day.
Note that: Random Reward will increase over time; it has nothing to do with regular payments and therefore doesn’t reduce your income from staking and masternodes.

What are the future prospects of the project?

Currently, there are a few innovations under consideration. The details are in the "Plans for the future" section in our Whitepaper.